Curt Pouyer, CIO

My name is Curt Pouyer and I am an investment advisor with Montgomery Wealth Management.  

Energized by the idea of mountain living, my family and I moved to Woodland Park, CO in 2016 from Montgomery, TX.  Prior to our move, I had been an annual visitor to Colorado’s majestic mountain landscape in Pagosa Springs; however, once we visited as a family, the decision to transition was almost instantaneous.  As an avid archery hunter and outdoor enthusiast, my wife and I knew that Colorado was the place for us to raise our boys in an environment where they would thrive.  Now, our free time is spent hunting, fishing, hiking, camping and playing baseball.  

Today, it is my desire to bring Montgomery Wealth’s integrity and tailored investment solutions to the people of Pagosa Springs as well as Montgomery, Texas and the surrounding communities. 

As a devout Christian and U.S. Navy Veteran, integrity is the value that guides my life and my work. Unfortunately, I have witnessed the value of integrity become diminished and the meaning abused in the investment business. This only further motivates me to bring true integrity back to the financial industry by guiding and teaching clients how to identify the best path for their personal situation. Fortunately, Montgomery Wealth operates by a ‘Fiduciary Standard’ - which means that I am legally bound to act solely in my client’s best interest when offering personal financial guidance.

Before establishing my career in investing, I worked as an insurance agent where I became curious as to how and why different investable insurance products made sense to certain people.  After developing a significant book of business and realizing that insurance is only a small factor for a truly diversified and well thought out portfolio, I decided to better myself so I could bring more value to current and future clients.  The Series 65 Uniform Investment Advisor Law Exam was the direction I needed to properly tailor retirement plans to each of my client’s unique needs and goals.  Since then, I have acquired several designations, including a Certified Fund Specialist, Certified Income Specialist and Certified Annuity Specialist, all of which I have found essential to preparing and advising a proper retirement strategy through investment allocations.  

At Montgomery Wealth, I believe in creating retirement plans with investment portfolios that will produce assets to enable clients to achieve their goals through a diversified portfolio within the market and life insurance vehicles. 

Moving forward, I plan to be a regular contributor to the Pagosa Sun and am excited to share ideas and inform our community about retirement planning, appropriate asset allocation and understanding today’s market.  I will author a monthly article on topics such as investment strategies, investment vehicles, market influences, retirement planning and other general perspectives on investing for your future.  I truly hope my contributions will serve as a valuable resource to help readers expand their financial perspective. To ensure that I deliver meaningful and valuable content, I welcome you to email me with questions, comments or article ideas at